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Past Client….

I have had the pleasure, over the last several years, to participate in Rootead’s many events, including African Drum and Dance, Prenatal Dance and Yoga, Breastfeeding Café, and Movement for Mamas: Belly, Baby, and Beyond.

The most profound impact that Rootead has had on my life, however, has been providing support for me through its doula services. Having two of the doulas from the Rootead Doula Collective be by my side as advocates throughout my pregnancy, and during and after birth, made mine and my husband’s experience of having our first baby, so much more pleasant. Prior to reaching out to them for their services, I felt alone and weighed down with uncertainty and fear, especially in a country in which Black women are much more likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth than White women. On July 24, 2017, we welcomed a healthy, beautiful baby girl into our home and our hearts and Rootead doulas were there to share that joyous moment with us.

Rootead is much more than an organization – it’s a movement that promotes and provides healing, physical, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I support Rootead and hope that they can continue the work that they do for years and years to come because the community needs them.

~Denise Smith