Rootead Youth Dance Company

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Summer Employment RYDC Application

*Due: December 21st, failure to finish this assignment can result in lack of employment in summer 2019

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In 75 words or less, describe what you will accomplish over the summer (2019) as a RYDC member.
A. List the artistic objectives you wish to achieve over the summer. B. Describe how this project will make you a better artist. C. What will you learn through this experience. D. Relate your artistic growth to you personal and educational goals.
Explain how you will know if you have accomplished what you set out to achieve.
Parent Narrative Provide additional information about your student and how you support his/her artistic interests. Explain how and why you believe this project would benefit him/her.

Reference Videos for Black Dance with use of Modern & Post Modern Concepts

Katherine Dunham - 1948

Katherine Dunham performing in Stormy Weather.

Alvin Ailey - Founded in 1956

Deeply Rooted in Chicago (Contemporary)

Surrender - Deeply Rooted

Garth Fagan

Urban Bush Women (Contemporary)

Alvin Ailey II

Muntu Dance Company (Chicago)

Katherine Dunham

  • Anthropologist - studied people and culture

  • Dancer and Choreographer - Created the first black dance company

  • Mixed Ballet, Modern Expressions and African Diaspora Dance together to make the Katherine Dunham Technique.